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 Santa Fe Springs Locksmiths Santa Fe Springs, CA 562-343-9712The landlord-tenant relationship is perhaps the most complicated, strained one. It all plays out well if the tenant adheres by the rules, pays the rent on time, takes care of the property, and maintains a civilized code of conduct. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out to be that way. Property owners are often at the receiving end of problematic tenants who’re destructive with the property, engage in illegal activities, or are in clear violation of the terms laid out in the rental agreement. 

While most try to talk through it and reach an amiable recourse, when all else fails, an eviction is the only option left. It might be a bitter experience for both parties, with the aftermath requiring a complete overhaul of the security infrastructure of the premises. However, you can call upon Santa Fe Springs Locksmiths for residential eviction service. We make evictions, stress-free and smooth!

Why do you need an eviction service?

You might have been associated with the tenant, in question, for years. No matter how well you know a person, one can never predict human nature. Evictions are rarely carried out on good terms and if your former tenant holds a grudge for the same, you cannot rule out retaliation. Your ex-tenants might have old copies of the keys and can easily gain access to bring about harm to your property or the current tenants.

To protect your property and your new tenants, it’s necessary that you hire a residential eviction service .

We can help with:

Evicting a tenant:

If you’ve got all the legal necessities sorted out and have served multiple notices to the tenant, who refuses to move out – we can help you there! In the presence of an officer of law, we can change the lock or rekey the lock on your property, thus barring the tenant’s access into your property.

Post eviction services:

Once the tenant has been successfully evicted from the property, you can call our residential eviction service to rekey the locks. Rekeying is one of the most cost-effective ways to reinstate complete control of your property to you. You no longer have to worry about the tenant gaining access using an old key.

Security enhancements:

If you’re concerned that a rekeying procedure will not suffice, then you can consult us for expert security advice. We can upgrade the locks, install security accessories and more to prevent any unfortunate security mishaps in the future.

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